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Buy a moonstone bracelet at Babyzus for a sweet (wish) mom or grandma. You can now put together your own moonstone bracelet with a special 'mama' or 'grandma' charm!

Bracelet with meaning
Female energy


A moonstone bracelet with meaning

Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and feminine energy. The stone promotes intuition and fertility and has a calming effect on the emotional life. It is a good stone for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and supports pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. We also have other gemstones for moms in our range. Moonstone can also be useful for (pre)menstrual complaints and complaints after childbirth and during the menopause. Physically, moonstone has a detoxifying effect and ensures balance in the hormonal system.

'Wear the moonstone bracelet on the skin and only take it off when it is full moon, then the stone 'charges'.'

Gemstones only have a supportive effect and are not a replacement medicine. They work as a 'stone in the back'. Do you suffer from complaints? Always consult a doctor. We share our knowledge and give advice from our own experience, but this can work differently for everyone.

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In addition to a moonstone bracelet, you can also buy other jewelry with precious stones in our webshop. We are happy to help you find the gemstone that best suits you or the person you are gifting the bracelet to! You can also buy an amber bracelet from us for your baby or toddler. For questions about the gemstones or other products from our online store, email