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sunglasses toddler

You are guaranteed to succeed in the Babyzus webshop for sunglasses for your toddler. We sell trendy children's sunglasses in different colors and prints. You can therefore adapt the sunglasses to your child's clothing style or pacifier. View our range and order the sunglasses you like best.

Protect your toddler's eyes with sunglasses

The sunglasses in our webshop have a UV400 filter, so that your child is protected against all UVA and UVB radiation with the glasses. The sunglasses for your toddler are made from recycled plastic. The side of the glasses is fourteen centimeters long and the width (the frame) is twelve-and-a-half centimeters. This makes the sunglasses suitable for toddlers from twelve months to eight years old. Do you want to combine all your child's accessories with each other? Then buy the sunglasses in the same color as the key ring with name that you can buy for your child.

Buy your accessories in our webshop

If you buy sunglasses for your toddler, it is smart to measure your child's head first. Then you know for sure that the glasses will also fit and that they are not too big. If you place an order with baby accessories, it will be shipped within one to two business days. You will therefore receive your products quickly. Would you like to know more about the safety of our products? Request more information by sending an email to info@babyzus.nl or a WhatsApp message to 0616070715.