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The Golden Triangle is a combination of the gemstones rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz.

Rock crystal (colourless) 'Stone of light' 
Rose quartz (light pink) 'Loving and soft' 
Amethyst (purple)  'Balance and spiritual peace'

Place these three gems together and they will ensure optimal positive energy flow. The energy of these three stones aligns so well that this miracle has been given the name 'The Golden Triangle'.

Rose Quartz
This gemstone represents Love. It gives extra strength to relationships between lovers & the love for yourself.

  • Helps open you up to give and receive love
  • Strengthens love, with yourself and with others
  • Gives emotional balance to changes
  • Good for sensuality and fertility
  • Calming

This stone is one of the most famous gemstones & a true powerhouse.

  • Radiates peace & pure tranquility, dispels negativity
  • It provides a lighter head, both in fewer headaches and fewer thoughts
  • Has a purifying & protective effect
  • This stone will sort out your feelings & help you with emotions, traumas and special moments
  • Helps with falling asleep (and staying asleep) & fewer nightmares

Rock Crystal      
Perhaps the most important gemstone of the spectrum, as it stands for Self-love.

  • Translucent mineral can be penetrated by light & converts negative energy into positive energy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes concentration & helps against nausea
  • Dispels fears & reduces mood swings
  • Makes willpower & gives courage

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Find location: Brazil and China
Warranty: 3 months
Bead size: 4mm.
Bracelet size: approx. 17, 5cm. Custom size is possible, note the circumference of the wrist in the comments to your shopping cart.
Material: Gemstone, extremely strong elastic and sterling silver 925 MMH logo.
Added: MMH bag and meaning card NL/ENG

Gems are only supportive and are not a substitute for medicine. They work as a 'brick in the back'. Do you suffer from complaints? Always consult a doctor. We share our knowledge and give advice from our own experience, but this can work differently for everyone.

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