Amber necklace 38 cm

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The cutest necklace for your baby. Did you know that the amber necklaces   not only look very sweet but also have a great function? Amber or amber provides a pain-relieving effect when teeth come through. This is due to the 'succinic acid', which is released by the heat of the skin.

Baltic amber is fossil resin, derived from conifers from the Scandinavian region, about 44 million years old. Amber is thus in contrast to what the name suggests petrified resin and not stone. It is light and not cold and feels nice on the skin.

The amber bracelets and necklaces are handmade in Lithuania. They are made to break out of safety under too much pressure. Each stone is also tied separately, which prevents stones from coming loose during a break, which your child can swallow. Super nice! The amber bracelet closes easily with a twist clasp.

General Safety Precaution: ”Children under the age of three should not wear jewelry without adult supervision. Because it contains small parts." This also applies to wearing amber bracelets and necklaces. 

Made in: Lithuania 
Approval: Certified amber 
Length: 38 cm (measure the correct length with a string!)
Material: Amber 
Type of amber: Polished Colour: Cognac