What is gold bar?

You may have heard of it. Bar gold. If you haven't been in babies that long you will probably think, huh what? I hear it right. It is also called Push Present in English, but then I prefer the beautiful Baargoud!

Bar gold is usually a beautiful piece of jewelry as a reminder of the birth of your mini. The birth is quite an achievement in itself of course! It is a piece of jewelry that you often get from your loved one or loved ones around you. It does not necessarily have to be gold, it can of course also be silver, white gold or another material.

Later you can pass on the piece of jewelery to your son or daughter & make it a family heirloom, for when he/she turns 18 or perhaps has children of his/her own. It is a tradition that is mainly 'sent' from America, just like the baby showers & gender reveals. It will therefore not be long before it is also a well-known concept here in the Netherlands.

Bar gold ideas

A jewel with the birthstone of your mini. This can be a beautiful necklace with a pendant, or a ring with the birthstone in it. A birthstone is a gemstone that symbolizes a month, for example rose quartz (pink - October) or amethyst (purple - February).

I myself opted for a piece of jewelry with breastfeeding. I think this is a beautiful symbol for the power that a woman's body has to make a child & then be able to feed herself. No hard feeling, by the way, if it doesn't work out for you or wasn't a wish of course! I still wear this ring every day & when I look at it, I always get a little feeling of melancholy haha.

With name
Nothing better than carrying your mini's name with you wherever you go. A piece of jewelery with a name (or initial) is therefore incredibly popular, we notice. You can now combine this with gemstones. The name of your mini is incorporated into our moonstone bracelet. The moonstone represents feminine energy & helps to recover after giving birth. With that (we find) the perfect combination as gold bar!

Belly figurine
Since a few years you can also have your belly immortalized in a statue. So nice to save for later, because you quickly forgot how big that belly was!

Do you want to have it immortalized completely, because yes a child is forever in your heart! Then of course you can also go for a tattoo. You also have plenty of options there, of course, from the name to a symbol for birth such as a birth flower. Also completely up-to-date is the position of the stars at the time of birth. Intimate, beautiful & all for you!

We are curious, did you get gold bar & what did you get?

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