What should you pay attention to with a pacifier clip?

Never again a pacifier on the floor with such a beautiful hip pacifier cord, that is the purpose of a pacifier cord. Besides the fact that it looks very nice on your child, it also has a very handy function. But did you know that there are very strict requirements from the EU? They remain very innocent children & of course you don't want anything to happen to him / her.

Safety in products for babies actually consists of 2 parts. On the one hand, the product must be completely safe. With a pacifier clip, these are laid down in the so-called NEN Norm 12586. On the other hand, parents also have a responsibility for safe use, some things seem very logical, but we sometimes see that our safety regulations are not observed ;-).

Below we explain more about what you should pay attention to when you buy & use a pacifier clip.

A safe pacifier clip
A pacifier clip is not a toy for your child, but a handy tool. As you may know, toys in the EU are tested before they are released on the market (at least that is what the NVWA expects). Pacifier cords are excluded from this, because they are not officially toys. Yet you do have to deal with children & that is why the EU has drawn up safety standards for this, the NEN 12589. It describes specific requirements, such as the cord thickness of 2mm & the maximum safe length of 22 cm measured from the clip. For this reason we also omit colored beads with longer names! And did you know what the holes in the clip are for? You don't really want to know, but if the child somehow swallows the clip, the clip will not close off the trachea, partly thanks to the holes.

In addition to a number of standard requirements, the test procedure is also described in the NEN. You can perform and record these yourself, but also have them tested by an independent party. You will then receive the test results that you can record in your file.

In the Netherlands, everyone can buy and comply with these standards in their own way. Anyone can therefore make a pacifier clip & put it online, without having been tested. It is NVWA's policy that testing will only be carried out afterwards or upon notification.

In short, if you want to be sure that your child is going to use a safe product, don't just be distracted by the pretty pictures, but look further on the website & see if these safety standards are being complied with. Here you can read a short summary of the standards . Our products are all fully tested & safe, hence this blog to get your attention of course. But of course you can also buy elsewhere, there are a few other shops that also have their affairs in order!

Safe use of a pacifier clip
In addition to a safe product, its safe use is just as important, of course. A pacifier clip is not a toy, but it is often given to a baby as such. A pacifier clip has a clip that can be attached to the garment, this way it cannot get entangled anywhere & cannot, for example, get around the neck.
We also regularly see babies being put to bed with a pacifier clip. This is also not the intention, always supervise & prevent the risk of suffocation.

Although the product fully meets the standards, it can of course always happen (possibly due to frequent use) that something breaks on the product. That is why we recommend checking the cord before each use, so you can be sure that there are no loose parts. No more than logical for us as moms of 4 boys, after all you do this with every toy, yes also those from fischer price can become broken & dangerous, haha.

If you want to know more about safety, send us a message.

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