Top 10 of (our) most popular girl names of 2020

Top 10 of (our) most popular girl names of 2020

Every year in January, new lists are always released with the most popular names of 2020. A list that we like to see, because we also notice very well which names are very popular. This even differs per period of the year! It happens monthly that we say to each other; this name is going to be the most popular name at the moment.

We've compared the most popular names of 2020*  with our numbers.
*These top 10 figures come from the annual overview of the social insurance bank, they see these figures because of the payment of child benefit.

The top 10 of 2020 girl names:

  1. Emma  (made 43 times)       
  2. Julia (47x)   
  3. Mila (54x)
  4. Tess (51x)       
  5. Sophie (89x)
  6. Zoe (46x)
  7. Sara (34x)
  8. Nora (42x)
  9. Yara (28x)
  10. Eva (56x)    

I showed this top 10 (without baby sister's results) to my sister and asked her, which pacifier clip with name do you think we made the most? Without a doubt she said; Sophie! I was thinking about Julia, but Sophie still wins with us.

If you put the numbers side by side, it's super nice that 665 girls have been named JULIA in 2020. 47 Julia's have a pacifier cord from us. So much fun!

Another striking (new) girl namesthat we often made in 2020 are LINA, LIV, KATE and a lot of double names with - LOU or - MAE. So who knows, maybe we'll see them come back in all lists next year!

Of course there will be a list with the top 10 boy names soon!

Love Femke 

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