Top 10 of (our) most popular boy names of 2020

Top 10 boy names 2020 

We recently made a top 10 girl names of 2020. The boys were definitely not to be left behind! In the search for the names of our sons, we, 'boy moms', have actually seen all boy names. We also preferred a unique name, but not one that is difficult to pronounce. 'Our' names are therefore not in the top 10! Curious how we chose the names of our boys? Read it here.

When we saw this top 10 for 2020, we were certainly not surprised. Noah remains number 1, that was with us in 2019 too! Luca was definitely a new entrant in 2020, we really got to make this name a lot. In fact, when I ask my sister; guess what name my new boy next door got, which she then says Luuk or Luca.

We have again compared the most popular names of 2020* with our figures.
*These top 10 figures come from the annual overview of the social insurance bank, they see these figures due to the payment of child benefits.

Top 10 of 2020 boy names:
1. Noah (48x)
2. Sem (36x)
3. Liam (30x)
4. Luca/ Luke/Luuk (72x)
5. Daan (27x)
6. Finn (42x)
7. Levi (28x)
8. Most (44x)
9. James (30x)
10. Milan (25x)

Another striking (new) boy names that we often made in 2020 are Bowie, Duuk, Lenn, Jack & Lewis/Louis. The name we really miss in the 2020 list is NOUD. So who knows, maybe we'll see them come back in all lists next year!

As I said, we have given our youngest unique names (partly invented by ourselves). Last week we received the first  RAFA , that is the name of Maaike's youngest son. This name is a common name, which comes from Spain & comes from the name: Rafaël. This is immediately appd in our joint 'BABY ZUSAPP' and then you are a little proud or something! My little TIDO has NEVER been made. So I'm really curious when the first Tido will come along, because we've been really in love with this name from the first moment!

We want to compile our next name list ourselves based on your names! We are going to make a top 10 unique names! So. Does your child have a unique name? Send it to us, we would love that.

Love Femke

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