7 Ways to Cleanse & Recharge Gemstones

There are several ways to charge your gems. The full moon is the most famous of these. But there are different ways, you can read which one below. You can do your own research or cleanse on your intuition, read more about this in our previous blog about gemstones.
Different ways:
Salty; Treat crystals with salt.
Smoke; Cleanse the energy of the gems with the smoke of dried herbs or sacred woods.
Water; Put the gemstone in a glass or bowl and run it under a running tap for a few minutes.
Rainwater; Place your gemstones on a dish outside when it starts to rain, then pat dry thoroughly. Collecting rainwater and immersing it indoors is of course also possible.
Moonlight; The vibration of the moon is a powerful way to cleanse and recharge your gemstones. The feminine energy of the moon is so soft that you can use this way for every gemstone. Give your gems a moon bath by placing the gems in a dish outside, on a table or on the windowsill at sunset. This method works especially well at full moon and new moon.
Sunlight; Cleaning can also be done simply in the masculine power of sunlight. Place the gemstones outside or on the windowsill when the sun rises, only remove them when the sun has set again in the evening. NB! This method is not suitable for all gemstones, find this out carefully first.
Earth ; Charging gemstones in the earth is a nature-friendly method, especially for gemstones with grounding properties. Just put your gems in the garden, under the soil and leave it there overnight.
Source: 'Stones & Crystals' The natural power of 68 stones and crystals.
Lisa Butterworth. Gemstones and minerals.nl


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