10x what no one tells you about your newborn

10x what no one tells you about your newborn

The time has come, the delivery is imminent & you are finally going to meet your baby! You've read every book there is, maybe even taken a course & so you feel like you're prepared for anything! Surprise, surprise. A whole new world opens up once he/she arrives. You haven't read or heard these things before & that's why we're telling you.

1. "My baby is already sleeping through the night" - Don't get too excited

You gave birth, maternity care is available & your baby sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day and those few times you have to get out of bed at night are fine, right? Is this what everyone finds so hard? But then… when your baby is a few weeks old, your real new life begins. You may be one of the lucky ones whose baby soon sleeps through, but chances are that the broken nights are now starting to break you up. And not only at night, but also during the day, your baby will keep you busy. Taking a shower, folding the laundry, running an errand or going to the toilet? Your baby is now in charge and completely determines the rhythm of your day. And that is sometimes best to switch.

2. Breath in and breath out

Do you sometimes hang above the crib to hear if your baby is still breathing. In a baby that has just been born, breathing sometimes falters a bit. For example, it can happen that you hear nothing for about ten seconds and that breathing then continues at a very high rate. In your baby's head, the signals from the brain to the lungs are not yet completely smooth and that causes this disturbed breathing.

3. Pee and poop

That little baby boys pee as soon as you change the diaper can still be lived with. What may be a bit of a shock – for both boys and girls – is your baby's spray poop. SPRAY poop, so poop that literally sprays into your curtains. Some caution is therefore advised when changing a diaper. Oh and that pooping is a thing anyway. Because babies who are breastfed in particular cannot poop for a day or so. That does not always have to be very serious. And did you think that was all? It can also happen that your baby literally shits himself completely. From buttocks to neck, that is, And that doesn't happen once, but sometimes five times in one day!

4. Wake up from an EVERYTHING

A cough, a deep sigh, a head that turns or a foot that kicks. Whatever it is, every sound wakes you up these days.

5. Plop, pacifier in & go

Another thing that always seems to come naturally. A baby crying, hop a pacifier in and the baby is quiet. Couldn't anyone tell you that sucking on a pacifier is quite difficult for a baby who has just been born? That that pacifier is constantly popping out of his mouth and you have to put that pacifier back in his mouth every time. Our hydrophilic pacifier hugs to the rescue! Or how about your pinky? Never knew that your little finger can serve as a pacifier for hours and that you can't go anywhere.

6. To the chest

It always looks so easy... a baby drinking from the breast & you just doing everything at the same time. In reality, it sometimes takes quite a while before feeding goes well. And that that causes some tears and frustration is very understandable. Because how do you put on properly and what do you think is a good posture? Not to mention cracked nipples, thrush and engorgement! Fortunately, you usually have found a nice rhythm after a week or so and feeding is much easier than in those first few days.

7. Pimples

And you thought that teenagers only suffer from acne? No, even a baby can be completely covered in pimples… yes, baby acne. These pimples are caused by the hormones that the baby received from you and which are now leaving his body. Fortunately, the pimples disappeared after a few weeks.

8. Block your credit card

And especially during the nightly feeding hours, you are insane . You could never have imagined that there was so much on offer. But be careful, because before you know it you will spend an entire month's salary on nice clothes and shoes.

9. Slippery Slipper

Lovely bath with your little one, but how could you know that he will be super smooth in such a bath with bath oil. You're probably not the first person to break out in a sweat when the baby has to get out of the bath. Because how do you get such a slippery nematode into its towel without accidents?

10. I miss you

Your baby is so very sweet. Never thought that - even if he sleeps in the same room - you could miss his soft skin and sweet face so much!

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