birth tray

Give a birth tray as a gift to your pregnant or recently gave birth friend or family member! Our shelves are extremely suitable for storing your birth announcement or ultrasound photo in a special place in your home. On the shelf is the text in Dutch or English: 'to the moon and back', with an image of a crescent moon. The birth tray is fifteen centimeters wide and a birth announcement or ultrasound photo fits perfectly.

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A birth tray with moonstone

You will also find a glass bottle with moonstone on the birth tray. This stone is really a woman stone and has a special meaning. That is why we also sell a moonstone bracelet in our webshop. A moonstone is the stone of hope. It strengthens intuition and fertility and gives peace of mind. The moonstone also has a strong connection with the moon and feminine energy, making it a good stone for women before, during and after pregnancy. In addition, the moonstone balances the hormonal system and is detoxifying. In addition to the moonstone, we also have other gemstones in our range, such as rose quartz.

Have your maternity gift delivered directly to the parents

If you opt for a birth plate as a unique birth gift or if you opt for a maternity gift with name , you naturally want the gift to be beautifully packaged. We are happy to do this for you! It is also possible to send the gift directly to the (future) parents by entering a different delivery address and adding a card with a personal message to your order. For more information about this, send an email to