Amber bracelet

At Babyzus you can order a matching amber bracelet especially for you and your little one! Our webshop sells various jewelry for mother and child, including amber bracelets. Baltic amber is actually not a stone at all, but fossil resin from 44 million year old Scandinavian conifers. Therefore, the stone is light, not cold, and feels nice on the skin. It is very nice for babies because this stone soothes the pain when teeth come through. In addition to bracelets with a cognac color, we also have a rainbow bracelet for toddlers and toddlers, in which amber is bundled with other gemstones such as amethyst and red agate.

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Barnsteen armband

Order an amber bracelet for your child

If you order an amber bracelet for your child, it is important to look carefully at the size. We have several sizes in our jewelry collection . In addition to gemstone bracelets for children, we also sell bracelets for adults. Adults can choose from different types of gems. One of our own favorite bracelets, next to the Amber bracelet, is the moonstone bracelet. This is because the moonstone has a strong connection with feminine energy. Besides gemstones in the bracelets, it is also possible to order sets with mama gemstones. For example, we have a set in our range for the strong woman. This contains amethyst, moonstone and tiger's eye.

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Buy now in our webshop an amber bracelet for your child. Uncertain about the size? Then email us at We are happy to advise you on the right size bracelet for your baby or toddler. We are also happy to help adults find the gemstone that best suits them. Each gemstone has different special properties.