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Baby.skills takes you along in the daily development of your child. From day one to the glorious moment of independent walking. You will receive information, tips and tricks to make use of the sensorimotor skills of your new cloud and to stimulate its development in a playful way. This prevents, among other things, a preferred position or a flat back of the head and you are more likely to detect reflux.

A pediatric physiotherapist guides you as a parent for 422 days, day by day, leaf by leaf. Just from your own chest of drawers. This way you also become a motor expert yourself.

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Package contents:
– 2 rings
– Stand
– 2 bundles calendar: version 1 and version 2

1) lay the upright flat in front of you.
2) put the rings through the holes. You open the rings by pushing them away from each other.
3) take the stack of version 2 and put them through the rings. If this is not easy, you can also split this bundle.
4) take the pile of version 1 and put it through the rings as well.
5) fasten the rings.
6) fold the upright.